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Unleash Your Brand’s Potential with McLane


Partnering with iconic and emerging brands.

McLane is a top distribution provider that offers a range of services to suppliers to help them grow their businesses and increase efficiency. McLane has a vast network of distribution centers, a fleet of delivery vehicles, and a team of expert logistics and sales teammates, all of which suppliers can leverage to streamline their operations and reach more customers.

Increase your reach, and grow your business with confidence.

By working with McLane, suppliers can simplify their supply chain, increase their reach, and grow their business with confidence. Whether it’s through warehousing, delivery, or market insights, McLane is dedicated to helping suppliers succeed.

Warehouse Solutions

McLane provides secure and efficient storage and distribution of suppliers’ products through its network of modern warehouses.

Delivery Services

McLane’s fleet of vehicles and experienced drivers can help suppliers reach their customers faster and more cost-effectively, whether it’s to a retail store, restaurant, or consumer’s doorstep.

Inventory Management

McLane’s advanced technology and logistics expertise can help suppliers optimize their inventory levels, reducing waste and maximizing product availability.

Market Insights

McLane’s data analytics tools provide suppliers with valuable insights into consumer trends, enabling them to make informed decisions about product offerings and pricing.

Customer Service

McLane’s team of experienced customer service representatives are available to help suppliers manage their accounts and resolve any issues that may arise.

McLane is THE gateway to the biggest retail outlets in the world.

You guys are amazing partners–always willing to find solutions for our customers and tons of knowledge and expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can any supplier be automatically setup in the McLane network?

McLane sets up new suppliers based on our customer requests. Once you have secured a customer in our network, please contact us to begin the supplier agreement process.

How is freight handled?

Freight is the responsibility of the supplier. Supplier must be able to ship to all applicable McLane Grocery facilities.

What is needed regarding a W-9 (or W-8 for foreign vendors)?
  • Most recent IRS version
  • The Name on the agreement should match the legal entity name on the W-9 (or W-8)
  • The Company Name must include abbreviation for business type (i.e., LLC, Inc., LTD., Corp., Co.)
  • Please only list Company Name/TIN or EIN and not an individual’s name or SSN.
What are the Supplier Insurance Requirements?

The Supplier Insurance Requirements can be found here.

What can slow down the agreement process?

Delays in any step of the process can occur. One of the most common delays is the Company Name and address on your COI and W-9 (W-8 for foreign vendors) must match identically or it will result in delays with the approval process. Using outdated versions of the W-9 (or the incorrect W-8 form for foreign vendors) will also delay the process. The correct form for foreign vendors should be Form W-8BEN-E.

Where do I need to go to start an agreement with McLane Company?

Click the Become a Supplier button below or click here.

Who should I contact regarding my products or agreement questions?

Interested in becoming a supplier?

Fill out our supplier intake form to get started.

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