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Supporting Our Nation's Veterans and Their Families


Opportunities, support, and appreciation

McLane is committed to supporting our nation’s military veterans and their families. We understand the unique skills and experiences that veterans bring to the workplace. We are dedicated to providing employment opportunities and support for veterans.

Celebrating service throughout McLane

  • Ten percent of our teammates are veterans, including our CEO, Tony Frankenberger, who served in the U.S. Air Force
  • Our Warriors to Wheels program is a GI Bill® approved, DOL-registered apprenticeship program
  • We service military exchanges and restaurants located on military bases
  • We’re proud to be recognized as a Military Friendly Employer

Supporting our veterans, their families, and the military community at large

  • Partnering with organizations that support veterans in finding employment opportunities
  • Providing training and development programs to assist veterans in transitioning to civilian careers
  • Providing support and resources to veterans, including mental health support and assistance with navigating the VA benefits system
  • Recognizing and honoring our veterans through events and initiatives

We take great pride in our veteran teammates and their unique skill sets, vast experience, and unwavering dedication to service, which make them invaluable members of our team. Our commitment to supporting veterans and their families is reflected in our provision of opportunities for career growth, robust benefits, and a culture of appreciation, as we honor their sacrifice by providing the resources they need to succeed in civilian life. We strive to be a reliable and supportive partner to our veterans, and our dedication to their success runs deep.