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Powering Mass Retail Supply Chains for Top Names in the Industry

Mass Market Retailers

Helping mass market retailers keep up with demand.

For a self-distribution mass market retailer, driving growth and keeping up with spikes in demand often means investing in more warehouses, tractor trailers, and automation. Rather than investing in more fixed assets that weigh down their bottom line, retailers can leverage our vast distribution infrastructure in order to focus on their stores and valuable employees. We serve as a trusted distribution partner to some of the biggest names in mass market retail.

Get the right products at the right price

Our massive buying power is your retail advantage. McLane’s relationships with the leading brands and manufacturers ensure you have access to the premier pricing potential and the most robust product portfolio. Want to test a new product? We will work with you to test products in small geographies before launching nationally so you can avoid the risk of introducing slow-moving SKUs into your operations.

We are where you are

With over 80 distribution centers, hundreds of domiciles, and one of the nation’s largest private multi-temp fleets, McLane has the distribution network you need to deliver on your brand promise. We have a reputation for dependability and consistency and can ensure that we will have deliveries to your stores with fewer trucks and shorter lead times. We strive to be an extension of your internal supply chain– providing more products in more places, enhancing speed to shelf, on-shelf availability, product freshness, and consumer satisfaction. A lot of factors can affect the supply chain, which is why we have tested and proven contingency planning that leverages our vast network in times of emergency.

Your strategic partner

We have the capital resource to think outside the box and collaborate with our customers to create solutions to their problems. As a debt-free company backed by Berkshire Hathaway, you can rest assured we are a stable partner that is willing and able to join you in your journey and create mutually beneficial collaborations.

Your data partner

As a mass market retailer, you’re likely heavily invested in technology and so are we. McLane can provide customers with extensive data such as near real-time visibility into key performance metrics. All of which can plug into your existing operating system to provide you with a 360-degree view of your business.

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