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Break Through The Clutter

Consumers receive over 30,000 messages per day and recall has decreased considerably. Advertisers need resourceful, yet trendy solutions that can't be skipped, scrolled past or fast-forwarded. McLane's trailer ads provide BIG IMPRESSIONS for a very low CPM. Reach consumers when commuting to work, where they shop, or travel - whether locally, regionally or nationwide.

Trailer Advertising Is Bigger And Better

Trailer ads are the 2nd most effective offline medium in driving online activity

Mobile billboards boost name recognition 15 times greater than any other form of advertising

Messages on outdoor mobile billboards have a 97% recall rate

Broad Reach

  • 1.2 million hours spent in the top 15 Designated Market Areas
  • We travel over 300 million miles per year
  • We deliver to 110,000 retail customer locations
  • Local, regional and nationwide opportunities



McLane trailer ads offer significantly lower CPM compared to billboards, radio, newspapers, magazines, and television.

Available Sizes

Selected trailer sizes may be limited in some markets.

How It Works

Your company designs the ads and selects trailer quantities by division

Our vendor can assist with ad design and sizing

McLane and its partners install ads

  • Driver Side
  • Passenger Side

Trailers with advertisements are given priority dispatch

Ads are viewed while on the road, at stops and at customer locations

Your brand can be advertised locally, regionally and nationwide with high frequency

McLane Media Is Your Trusted Media Source

McLane Media, a division of McLane Company, Inc., offers specialized advertising opportunities to reach businesses and consumers.

  • Backed by McLane Company, Inc., a Subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway
  • 125 Years in Business
  • Local, Regional and Nationwide Distribution
  • McLane ranks #8 in Private Fleets by Transport Topics
  • McLane Drivers are Company Drivers, Not Contractors
  • Superior Graphics and Professional Installation

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We accept creative advertising for most products and services. We willingly promote most businesses on trucks but reserve the right to refuse advertising that is deemed non-compliant with our guidelines and community standards.

Sources: Walker-Smith, Yankelovich Consumer Research; American Trucking Associations (ATA); Nielsen Data Activation Survey, 2017; European Outdoor Advertising Assoc.; RYP & Becker Group; J. Solomon Company Truckside CPM data calculated from select McLane trailers in the Southern California region.

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