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Big Advantages and Support for Independent Operators


Get the right product and a great price.

McLane customers save on best-selling categories like candy, foodservice, and more.

Get earlier access to the newest products and be first in line to stock your store through McLane’s relationships with the leading brands and manufacturers.

McLane offers all the items you need, packaged in easy to order solutions, including new coffee and hot food programs.

I switched to McLane because of its great pricing, customer service, product assortment, and strong Colorado presence. My independent sales rep, Malik, is always available when I need him. He keeps me updated on what’s new, and what products I should carry in my stores. I’ve grown my foodservice program and increased sales because of their great assortment of foodservice items. I really value working with McLane and know I will always be treated well. Citaula Brothers, Inc.

Dedicated Support to Help You Grow.

Wondering what the hottest products are now? Looking for ways to lay out your store to boost your sales? As a customer, you get access to McLane’s industry leading insights into consumer trends and emerging needs, and the most up to date planograms that will maximize your sales.

Hit a snag at the store? McLane’s live customer care representatives are available to help you resolve it.

Flexible terms to fit your needs.

With McLane, you’re in the driver seat with a partnership designed to fit your needs:

  • No long-term contract necessary and flexible weekly order size*
  • Choose up to 7 days net payment terms to avoid unnecessary interest and save up to $8,000 annually

Are you a small retailer that doesn’t meet the minimum order requirements for a truck delivery? Try McLaneXpress, McLane’s omnichannel e-commerce platform that enables smaller, self-service orders for independent and emerging retailers. Learn more at

“Before McLane, we were traveling to local warehouses to purchase and deliver inventory ourselves–even the bananas. We tried other distributors, but nothing impressed us. When we were introduced to McLane, we did some research and saw we had the opportunity to work with the biggest and best distributor in the country. McLane’s technology, pricing, assorted inventory, and amazing service make McLane stand out from competitors. McLane is a part of who we are and the image we reflect on our customers.” Caraf Oil

Tech-enabled reliability.

Save up to $10,000 a year in customer retention by limiting stock-outs with our automated inventory management system, which lets you know when and what to stock up each time.

Save time and labor costs with McLane’s industry-leading technology:

  • McLane’s Smart Handheld makes ordering, receiving, and inventory management simple, reducing your administrative tasks from hours to minutes
  • Track your deliveries through your phone, so you know when the order is on the way
  • McLane’s store-level receiving allows you to monitor your delivery’s accuracy without being at the store

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