McLane is also a dedicated environmental partner, committed to living, working and investing to improve the communities we serve. Through our Green Advantage Initiative, we have made significant improvements in the way we work that will not only reduce our environmental impact, but also make McLane a better and more efficient company.

McLane Green Advantage

Some of our Green Advantage highlights to date include:

  • Over $100 million invested in all types of automation with a key focus on energy conservation
  • $7 million investment in energy efficient fluorescent lighting and motion detectors for distribution centers
  • Recycling and treating water used in wash bays to eliminate contaminants and save thousands of gallons yearly
  • Lowered the highway speeds of all trucks to conserve fuel and reduce our carbon footprint
  • Replacing 60% of the tractor fleet to improve emissions performance by reducing 10% of the fuel burned and lowering NOx levels
  • Utilizing organic vendors who repurpose old food for composting, animal feed and waste-to-energy to divert expired or recalled food product from the landfill
  • Recycled 45.5 MM pounds of corrugated cardboard in 2014
  • Recycled 518,000 pounds of shrink wrap in 2014
  • Recycled 559,142 pounds of totes in 2014
  • Recycled 73,487 pounds of computer equipment in 2014
  • Recycled 313 mobile devices and batteries in 2014
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